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Aristea, born green

born green

Green has always been the colour of our logo.

Green has always been the symbol of environmental sustainability.


Our governance model ensures that the entire company complies with health, safety, and sustainability policies.

All our activities are carried out according to the principle of sustainability, taking into account all natural, social and economic resources and seeking to balance the interests of all sectors involved.


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has produced the “Sustainable Events Guide” in collaboration with other organizations and experts to share their knowledge and to propose behavioural standards.

UNEP’s Sustainable United Nations (SUN) division argues that a sustainable event should be organised in such a way as to:

  • reduce conference-related emissions of greenhouse gases and depletion of natural resources;
  • put in place measures to reduce the generation of waste and to reuse, recycle and/or repurpose unavoidable waste;
  • minimise the event’s environmental impact as much a possible;
  • bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the local community;
  • apply ecological sustainability principles when purchasing products and services for the conference;
  • raise awareness on the principles of ecological sustainability among participants, suppliers and the local community.

A sustainable event highlights the commitment of the promoter to adhere to the principles of sustainability promoted by the UN.
A targeted communication strategy will raise the profile of the conference and attract participants, and it will also be a tool to increase environmental awareness.


Our aim is to adopt a green approach to every event, developing projects through a combination of innovation and technology, to improve the use of resources.


  • Shrough special communication campaigns, we raise awareness on sustainability principles among participants, suppliers and the local community.


  • We try to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the community hosting the event; we strive as much as possible to choose local suppliers and services.

Aristea is a member of Green Business Bureau, the leading authority for green business.


  • We opt for locations that are easy to reach with non polluting means of transportation.
  • We choose venues that are reachable by public transport to limit the use of personal vehicles, and that follow ecological models (use of alternative energy, separate waste collection, etc).
  • We favour venues with natural lighting, so as to limit the need for artificial lighting.
  • We make sure the microclimate is comfortable throughout the event. In winter, indoor temperatures should not be above 21°C, and in summer, air conditioners should not be set below 26°C, so as to ensure efficient energy usage.

Aristea adheres to the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative.


  • We advertise the event through digital means of communication (websites, apps, newsletters, social media).
  • We manage all registrations online through the event’s website.
    An e-badge confirming registration is sent by e-mail so that participants can take it with them on their smartphones without having to print it.


  • We reduce printed material as much as possible, following the concept of “paperless event”. This means, for example, not printing the program on paper but providing it by means of an app.
  • When printing is necessary, we make sure we use recycled paper or paper sourced from responsible forest management; we use recycled ink; we make conservative estimates of how many prints are needed, so as to avoid unnecessary excesses that would end up being wasted.
  • We use cardboard badges, without plastic badge holders.
  • We collect used lanyards in dedicated containers set up near the exits, so that they can be reused for future events.


  • We select a menu featuring local dishes, including seasonal and preferably organic products.
  • When possible, we provide water in big containers rather than in small, single-dose bottles.
  • Coffee-break and lunch-break cutlery and other single-use items are made of biodegradable and compostable materials.
  • We avoid and minimise food waste by donating any leftover food to humanitarian institutions. 

Aristea participates in the Food For Good project.


  • As much as possible, we minimise the production of refuse and we try to utilise or recycle any waste. Furthermore, we set up containers for recycling refuse inside the venues. 


The green projects and events managed by Aristea are identified with the logo 

We have adopted a beehive to safeguard a species of fundamental importance for the survival of the entire ecosystem and for the maintenance of biodiversity.

We have reduced our paper usage for office activities, preferring to digitize documents and dematerialize archives.

Genoa Office
Via Roma, 10 · 16121 Genova, Italy • Tel. (+39) 010 553591

Rome Office
Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski, 118 · 00197 Roma, Italy • Tel. (+39) 06 845431

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Genoa Office
Via Roma, 10 · 16121 Genova, Italy
Tel. (+39) 010 553591

Rome Office
Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski, 118
00197 Roma, Italy
Tel. (+39) 06 845431

Brussels Office
Avenue des Arts, 56
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. (+32) (0)2 8082712 |

© 2022 Aristea International S.r.l.
IT 03783530102 • Privacy Policy